The stages of hair growth after hair replacement


This stage is known as the active phase where hair cells in the root are rapidly dividing. A hair that has stopped growing is called a club hair, which is pushed out as the new hair begins to grow. Hair will grow in the anagen phase up to six years at a rate of one centimeter in about a month. If you have difficulty growing your hair, it is possible you have a short anagen lifespan. People with long hair have a long anagen lifespan. Body hair is shorter than scalp hair because it has a short anagen phase.


This is the transitional hair growth stage, which consists of about three percent of the hair. This shortage phase only lasts about two or three weeks. This is how the club hair forms when the growth of each individual hair stops and the sheath of the outer root begins to shrink and attach to the main root.


This phase consists of six to eight percent of club hair that is allowed to rest. It lasts for about one hundred days where these hairs wait until they are pushed out by the new hair growth in the anagen phase. We lose about twenty-five to one hundred hairs a day at this phase.

Increasing Hair Growth

Know more about healthy hair growth. Eat plenty of fish, vegetables and fruit and avoid fatty foods. Taking a B vitamin supplement may help with hair growth as it contains fish oil. Biotin a water-soluble vitamin is also beneficial to hair growth. Protein makes your hair strong so that it does not become brittle and break. A daily head massage of about five to fifteen minutes a day increases the blood flow in the scalp stimulating the hair follicles, and speed up hair growth. Lastly, try washing your hair with rosemary water every day making your hair grow faster than normal.

Hair Growth After a Hair Transplant

Hair growth stages after hair transplantThis surgery makes hair grow naturally. At about 4-5 months after the transplant, the patient will start to see new hairs growth. These new hairs are quite thin at the beginning, but they will get thicker. By six months, it could be about three inches long.

After about a year after surgery, the new hairs will be thicker and stronger. By this time you can cut and restyle your hair as much as you wish, as it grows just like any other hair. You can even use standard shampoos etc. and no special treatment.

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