Female hair loss

Once primarily a male issue, female hair loss has been pushed to the forefront as a major health concern among teen and adult women. The female hair loss condition is very similar to the male condition concerning causes and treatments. There are subtle differences in the pattern of female hair loss and the numbers of people affected.

Female hair loss is a growing issue in this country. Each year, thousands of women are afflicted with female hair loss and this number is growing steadily. One of the surest ways to combat female hair loss is to become educated on its causes and treatments. Through education, the taboo of female hair loss is removed and an open dialogue about the problem can begin.

Causes of Female Hair Loss

  • Heredity. Female hair loss can be attributed to the passing of the balding traits through many generations of men and women in the family.
  • Aging. As a woman matures, her body undergoes certain changes in hormones that can sometimes trigger the beginning of female hair loss.
  • Stress. This cause is attributed to catastrophic events in a woman’s life, such as a complicated surgery, a messy divorce, or the death of a child.

So just what can be done about female hair loss? Just like any condition, learning about the causes and stage sequence of female hair loss is a great way to find a remedy. Remedies come in a variety of forms and the individual should be considered when choosing a remedy to combat female hair loss.

Remedies for Female Hair Loss

  • Medicines. Usually the first line of defense, there are a group of effective prescription and over the counter medications that can reverse female hair loss.
  • Vitamins. There has been a recent push for natural remedies for female hair loss, such as herbal crèmes, vitamin supplements, and lotion extracts.
  • Surgery. This is an effective, albeit expensive, female hair loss remedy that is usually the last result for doctors attempting to cure female hair loss.