Welcome to hair-loss-replacement.net This site provides information on causes of hair loss in men and women. We also include hair loss treatments and solutions both surgical and non surgical.

The hair loss doctors at Medical Hair Restoration are experts in hair loss treatment, through surgical hair transplantation as well as other baldness treatment means. This includes Finasteride, which is marketed under the name Propecia®, the only FDA-approved hair loss treatment pill that is used in the treatment of male pattern hair loss. Available by prescription through Medical Hair Restoration doctors, it is specifically designed for men.

Remember that hair transplantation treatment is the only permanent method of restoring hair. And, when it comes to hair loss replacement, we all want the same result – a natural one. And with micro-surgical hair transplants, the most advanced technique used in restoring hair, this is achieved. With this method, the process of hair growth is not altered. The result is completely natural and virtually undetectable…..